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The Power of Products

It’s amazing to me how far wedding photography has come in the 10 years I’ve been a professional NJ Wedding Photographer. Coming from the days of taping pictures to matted pages and slipping them into wedding albums to digitally designing epic heirlooms has been quite the journey. Now more than ever physical products are meeting the digital world in one way or another and it couldn’t be more important in a heavily saturated photography market to find ways to stand out from your competition.

When I have clients come into my studio for a consultation one of my biggest goals is to wow them with me and my work so that they remember (and like) me over all of the other photographers they’re looking at. One of the ways I achieve that is by having the best possible photographic products on display. Sure I’ll want to sell them those products later, but for first impressions and getting them to book me, I want to show off what I’ve got that others don’t.

With incredible physical albums from companies like Album Epoca, Indigo Album Design, PictoBooks and Couture Book (all of which you can find discounts for at, it’s easy for my clients to see the high end product I’m offering them. However, that doesn’t always give them the wow factor that’ll push me to the top of the photographer pile. Sticky Albums brings that wow factor.

I use Sticky Albums to marketing and sell to my clients way before I ever sell them the actual product. I also love being able to use them for networking with other wedding vendors (more on that in the first podcast with Nate!). I love being able to hand prospects my ipad and let them see the digital types of products I can offer them in addition to the physical ones. So many of my clients want to be able to easily share their engagement and wedding photos with their friends and family digitally, and now I’ve given them an easy and unique way to do that. Not to mention getting my brand in front of all of those people as well; I’m always looking for unique ways to marketing and create word-of-mouth. Hopefully by showing them their personalized Sticky Album, I’ve uniquely impacted them and hopefully their decision in choosing me as a photographer.

Check out my two podcasts with Nate to hear more about the marketing tactics and methodology I use with Sticky Albums and overall in my business.


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Vanessa Joy is a professional NEW JERSEY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER capturing NJ, NY and DESTINATION WEDDINGS. With an emphasis on photojournalism wedding photos with a vintage and rustic flair, Vanessa Joy focuses on creating a unique boutique experience with each of her couple’s wedding photography. Vanessa is an experienced photographer who has captured everything from JERSEY SHORE WEDDINGS and elegant formal affairs, to farm weddings with rustic wedding photos and vintage wedding details.

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