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Today we’re excited to have Tyann Marcink, a professional photographer, small business owner and vacation rental property owner on the show to talk about new opportunities to make more money with your camera. When Tyann bought her first vacation rental property eight years ago, there were very few properties in the area.  Today there are hundreds of options, and high quality images that showcase the experiences that can be had in the home have become more and more important.  Vacation rental property owners are begging for photographers and believe it or not, there aren’t a lot of people who are able to take the photos that home owners want and need. This is a virtually untapped photography niche.

“We’ve got this conundrum – owners and managers need this
service and there aren’t many people out there who can perform the service.”.

Vacation Rental Photography is NOT Real Estate Photography

It takes more than a well exposed, properly color balanced image to market a vacation home.  The images need to convey an experience and show the traveler something that makes them want to be in the image having the experience.

Make Money on Vacation

If you’re interested in breaking into this market, next time you go on vacation ask the home owner if they would like you to take some photos.  You may not make as much money as you make photographing weddings or portraits but it will provide you with experience and images that you can show to other home owners the next time you travel.

For more tips on Vacation Rental Photography listen to the interview here:


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Tyann has been working with our team to create custom StickyApp features that will allow you to build custom mobile-friendly websites for vacation property owners.  With websites like HomeAway and Airbnb taking off and having a million listings each, there is an incredible opportunity for photographers to make money and see the world.

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About Tyann

Tyann-Marcink-profileTyann Marcink is a photographer and vacation rental property owner living near St. Louis, Missouri, United States. She owns two vacation rental homes in Branson, Missouri and has hosted nearly 5,000 guests in the past 8 years, gathering more than 150 online guest reviews and collecting 5 books of handwritten guest notes. Her eBook Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos is the go-to manual for vacation rental owners to learn how to create marketing photos for their vacation rental properties. Her second eBook The Ultimate Guide for Vacation Rental Photography goes further in-depth on the subject and is geared towards teaching photographers the unique niche of vacation rental photography and will launch September 15, 2015. Tyann has been featured in numerous vacation rental blogs and podcasts, as well as on a radio talk show, discussing her expertise in vacation rental photography. She has also guest posted on several Vacation Rental industry blogs at their request and spoken at several industry conferences, including the 2013 HomeAway Summit, the 2014 Vacation Rental World Summit, and the 2015 HomeAway Summits. Sign up for her newsletter for a free download of an excerpt from her latest book. You can follow her adventures, photography tips, and marketing insights at her blog as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.


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