The Compound Effect | with Vanessa Joy

In addition to being an award winning photographer, Vanessa Joy is also an educator and self-proclaimed “marketing dork and business book nerd to the absolute extreme.”  In this week’s show, Vanessa and Nate discuss a book that they both love, The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy.

What is The Compound Effect?

For Vanessa Joy, the compound effect is what happens when you take all of the things in your life and photography business that are important, but not urgent, and tackle them.  Doing this yields large returns in the long run. You earn interest on the time that you invest.  Building strong relationships by offering yourself to others, managing your time well, outsourcing, and building an email list that you interact with regularly are all ways that this can be done.

If you haven’t read the book, we can’t encourage you to do so enough.  It’s truly a game changer for your life and your business.   In the meantime, listen to today’s show to hear Vanessa and Nate’s biggest takeaways and how Vanessa Joy has implemented the principles from The Compound Effect in her business.

Listen here:


Vanessa Joy is a New Jersey based, national award winning wedding photographer serving NJ, NY, PA and destination locations. With an emphasis on photojournalistic style photos with a vintage and rustic flair, Vanessa Joy focuses on creating a unique boutique experience with each of her brides and grooms, and exceeding their expectations for their wedding day.  Vanessa Joy and her husband Rob are pioneers and leaders in the industry in photo and video fusion.  For free education and downloads, check our their new site, Learn Photo Video.



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