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When we heard Stephen and Jess Robertson speak at Photographers Ignite at WPPI, we found ourselves nodding our heads in agreement throughout their presentation and we knew that we had to have them on the show.  They are the duo behind TogTools, a website that helps photographers learn the skills they need to run a business.  In addition to an awesome blog, they do a really fun and informative podcast and offer online business training.  You should definitely check out their site.

“A lot of the people we came into the industry with are gone.”

Building a successful photography business is a challenge that many photographer’s are simply not equipped to take on. Unfortunately, there’s little correlation between artistry and talent and success.   The good news is that,

“Business is not a mysterious thing that only a select few in the world will hope to achieve. It’s really like jumping off a cliff and experimenting to see what works.”

That’s right. Experimenting.  In order to experiment you need to be able to recognize that what you’re doing is working or that it’s not.  TogTools offers a fantastic, free tool to help you do this. The Photographer’s Business Model Canvas (PBMC)  can help you define yourself and your business and create a path for success.  Unlike a traditional business plan, the PBMC is designed to help you think strategically and can be easily changed.



To hear more about the PBMC and learn some simple strategies and business tips, watch or listen to the interview below.

Audio only version here:


Stephen and Jess interviewed Nate recently.  You can hear that interview HERE.


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• The Tools of Your Business – Learn how to get prepared to run a business smoothly.  Workflows, backups, and other nuts and bolts that go into having a solid business system that is reliable and scaleable.
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