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“When I’m thinking about making an investment in my business, the first thing I consider is, ‘Can this make me money?’…This (StickyAlbums) is a tool that will pay for itself over and over.”
-Sarah Petty

Sarah Petty of Joy of Marketing is on the show today, sharing stories from when she was getting started as a photographer and talking about new ways she is using StickyAlbums. In prior posts on our blog, she has talked about using StickyAlbums as a value added incentive.  Many of you already use it this way to push $400 sales to $500 sales or even $2000 sales to $3000 sales.  This week she’s going to talk about something a little bit different: using StickyAlbums as revenue generating tool.

Years ago, when Sarah was just starting out, a builder asked her to take weekly photographs of a project that he was working on.  For three years, this job provided her with a steady income that covered many of her operating costs.  At the time, she was shooting film and would update a binder for the builder with new images each month but can you imagine if StickyAlbums had existed back then?  What if she’d been able to make the builder a StickyAlbum, branded with his business information and hers, and update it weekly? How much value would something like that have had to the builder?

Listen to the short clip below to hear new, outside of the box ideas on how StickyAlbums can help you partner with other businesses and help you generate regular monthly income without having to work a ton of additional hours.  You don’t want to miss it!

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