Pro Tip: Partnering with Small Businesses – by Sal Cincotta

Network marketing is not rocket science. It is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. We have shared several examples about how we have done this over the years…

The key to good networking is to start with something you can offer other businesses that they really value. Just offering hotels in our area more canvas prints to hang on the wall, or images for their website is not enough any more. Been there done that. We need to up our game to get their attention and offer them something they actually care about – their own mobile marketing app.

Every business wants to have this iPhone marketing app that brides or potential clients can download and use.



Over the years we have shot a ton of weddings at the Coronado Hotel in St. Louis, so I already had a handful of great shots showing off the different ways a bride could style her wedding there. So we just created a different Brand in the new builder – instead of having our photography logo at the top – we put in the Hotel’s logo, and customized the colors to match their brand, and added their contact info.

Now when a bride is touring the hotel, the event coordinator can show off this app on their iPad, but even better, they can just email or text the app to the bride, so she can have it right on her phone, instead of some brochure she ultimately loses. And of course, we include our own logo and contact information at the bottom of the album here.

It’s all about innovating or dying. You’ve got to continue to invest in your business. You’ve got to continue to find ways to stand out from the crowd, and let your business really and truly stand out from every other photographer out there.

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