New Features | One Tap Sharing to Twitter and Facebook

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New Features | One Tap Sharing to Twitter and Facebook

I want to start by saying thank you to all of the StickyAlbum members. Your support, patience, and feedback has been very humbling. We have even cooler things in the works for the rest of the year, but please continue to let me know what is working well, and what isn’t. It is through your feedback that I can best prioritize what features are most important to you.

I excited to announce the following updates:

Sharing to Social Networks
By far the most asked for feature was to add sharing options beyond just email. Now when the user taps the share button they have three additional options – to post their album to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Hi Res Support for the New iPad.
You now have the option of uploading higher res images to best leverage the new iPad Retina Display. Keep in mind this is optional. Your current albums with images at 1600px longest length will still look great. Furthermore, if you do upload at the higher size we are creating two versions on the server. This way when a user with a iPhone or handheld size device opens the link they will automatically be served the images at 1600px so they still load fast. Only users who access the albums with the New iPad will be served the higher res images – this only further stresses the importance of reminding them to open the album for the first time on a WiFi connect.

Simplified Delivery
There has been a lot of confusion around how you are supposed to deliver your completed album to your clients. Are you supposed to send an email to your clients? or does StickyAlbums? Additionally, there are times when our email service gets too busy and slows down causing a delay.
Therefore we are now providing instant access to your completed stickyalbum link – you don’t need to wait for your completed album to be emailed to you. Additionally we are providing a better template email that you can simply copy and paste right into your own email to your client.

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