Nate’s on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast

Nate was recently a guest on Bryan Caporicci’s Sprouting Photographer podcast. The interview is full of best practice tips for using StickyAlbums and new ideas for using them to grow your business and increase your print sales. Tune in to hear:

How StickyAlbums can enhance and market your business

Fully branded and designed to make sharing easy, StickyAlbums becomes a digital business card that will set you apart from your competition.

Ways StickyAlbums can be offered to clients to enhance the customer experience and answer the question “Do you sell digital files?”

Very often, if you ask a client or potential client why they want digital files the answer is so that they can see and share them on their phones and on social media.  StickyAlbums is the perfect way to deliver digital files and will not cannibalize your print sales.  In fact, it helps increase print sales.  When you offer clients a StickyAlbum with the images that they have purchased prints and products of, many photographers find that their clients spend more, not less.

Why StickyAlbums in not a proofing tool

Proofing is not best suited for mobile. Mobile galleries load slowly and are clunky.  Additionally, very few people want to look at hundreds of images on their phones, they just want to share their favorites.  The fact that StickyAlbums saves off line means that unlike a mobile gallery, the images load quickly.

Cross-promotional marketing opportunities

StickyAlbums allows you to offer businesses that you would like to partner with and/or cross-promote something unique and valuable.  By creating apps branded to the business you give vendors a straightforward and streamlined way to promote themselves and you.

How you can add incentives, coupons and opt-in’s to your StickyAlbums

StickyAlbums makes growing your email list easy!  By enabling promotions you can create an enticing opt in form for clients and potential clients to sign up for your list.

Why email marketing and newsletters are SO important.

A monthly newsletter keeps your name and work in front of clients and potential clients so that when they are ready to hire a photographer, or when one of their friends mentions that they need a photographer, you will be the first person that they think of.

and much, much more!

Check out the podcast HERE


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