Making a lasting impression with your iPad

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Making a lasting impression with your iPad

I just read this great post that walks you through how three different photographers have been making the switch – or at least incorporating the iPad into their portfolio toolbox.

Great post. I love how each photographer takes it up a notch to make the already awesome user experience the iPad provides – even more unique.

The sheer amount of native iOS portfolio apps in the app store goes to show how intuitive it is to use the ipad as your portfolio.  At stickyalbums we don’t try to compete with all of the bells and whistles these native apps offer. Instead we focus on their single greatest limitation – they only run on YOUR iPad.

Yes a lot of them let you email off a pdf or something like it – but that is not providing the same experience. Because stickyalbums are HTML5 – you can save them offline to your device – but you can share the exact same portfolio to your prospects and let them save it to THEIR device. Your own custom branded home screen icon – is a perfectly subtle reminder for them to take another look at your work. Sharing is so vital – now your potential clients can send the link and share your portfolio to all of their friends and colleagues iPads.

You only have so much time face to face with your prospects – if you can afford it by all means buy a handful if iPads and send them off for your people to review.  Aside from being really expensive – they aren’t going to be caring around your iPad with them as they go out on meetings etc.


Another great advantage to stickyalbums simplicity is you can create multiple different portfolios targeted for different types of clients.








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