Joy Vertz | Best Kept Secret

Joy Vertz, a photographer educator and portrait photographer for over a decade, is on the show today with a free download and awesome tips that will help you sell more prints and make your StickyAlbums better than ever. In the interview, she also shares her “Best Kept Secret” with us. With the “Best Kept Secret” you will be able to help your clients begin to connect not only with their images but with prints of their images. This connection is crucial to making print sales and more money and you won’t believe how simple it is.

Joy also talks about her new class, PhotoBiz Recharge. She’s taken all of her best practices and tips and condensed them into a 6 week course to help photographers jump start their business. Joy covers a range of topics including how to market effectively, improve your inquiry to booking ratios, boost sales and be way more productive. More details are below!

Finally, Joy has a special free PSD download for StickyAlbums show viewers, which is at the bottom of this post.

Audio only version here:


Joy’s new class PhotoBiz Recharge, is designed to help recharge new life into your struggling photography business. The course includes topics such as getting clients in the door, getting to truly profitable pricing you can be confident in, maximizing the cash you see from each client (with or without a studio), time management techniques to free up more time for your family and personal life, and more.

Registration is open through September 29th and there are a limited number of seats that are sure to sell out quickly.

Download Joy’s Best Kept Secret Template HERE.




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