Josh Fisher | Shooting to Sell

Josh Fisher is a StickyAlbums customer and when his blog post “Senior Picture Ideas for Girls….What Actually Sells” recently went viral we knew we wanted to have him on the show.  We’re excited to talk to him today about how after studying his images from the past four years, he noticed a pattern with regard to poses and compositions that sold almost every time.  Shooting more of these types of images is one of the factors that has helped him double his prices and go from $1500 to $3000 sales per senior.

You might think that someone would keep a discovery like this one to them self, but Josh truly believes that sharing this kind of information is good for business.  Raising the bar in the industry helps us all.

Listen to this week’s show to hear more about Josh’s shooting strategy, how he works with his senior models and clients to bring them the products that they want and how he has used StickyAlbums to grow his business.  Be sure to check out Senior Portrait Secrets.  Sign up HERE to get access to future podcasts, business tips, and marketing strategies to grow your senior portrait Business.


Josh Fisher, is the founder of Senior Portrait Secrets, a blog designed to educate senior portrait photographers and to help raise the quality of service across the high school senior portrait photography niche in the photography industry.

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