Jeffrey Shaw | The Business Model Photographers Really Need

We’re excited to have photographer and business coach, Jeffrey Shaw, return to the show. Today Jeff and Nate discuss one of the biggest challenges that photographers face:  how to be successful when you’re in business marketing yourself and your talent.

“This is not the model you take to the bank.  This is the business model that will make you successful.”

Direction. Commitment.  Prosperity.

Many photographers don’t have a clear idea of where they want to go in their photography business.  Without direction, it’s extremely difficult to move forward and chances are, you’ll find yourself stuck in the same place.  Once you’re clear about the direction you’re going, you have to commit to the hard work that will be involved in getting there.  Next, Jeffrey encourages photographers to create a prosperity plan.  This involves thinking about what prosperity means to you and often unlearning “the tapes” that keep you from being prosperous.

Have A Clear Branding Message

Having a clear branding message based on what you stand for is a crucial part of selling yourself and becoming successful.  Jeff encourages photographers to create a “Stand Out Statement” of seven to ten words that tells people exactly what you stand for.  It should make you stand out from the competition and be compelling.

Build A Platform For Visibility

It’s important to bring your website, blog, social media, newsletters, custom mobile apps, and other marketing channels together in a way that clearly states your message.  These marketing tools on their own won’t bring success, but together they form the platform that you stand on to reach people.

To hear more about Jeff’s photography business model and tips for your own business model, listen to the interview below.


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