Five Ways for Senior Portrait Photographers to Use StickyAlbums


This week, Nate was the guest on the Senior Portrait Success podcast with Josh Fisher.  The podcast is full of great tips on how to use StickyAlbums as a senior portrait photographer.

How to track senior model performance

Working with senior models is a great way to grow your senior portrait business.  Sometimes, it’s hard to know if your models are promoting you the way that you want and need them to.  One way to track your models performance it to create a StickyAlbum with a few pictures of each model. Duplicate the album for each model and personalize it with their name and picture on the app button.  Doing this gives you the ability to track how much the app is being viewed.  It’s an easy way to see who’s working for you and where to focus your energy.

The best time to send the album

Texting the album to senior clients at lunch is the perfect way to ensure that the album gets maximum exposure.  Think about it.  They’re sitting with their best friends, your target market, and when they open the app for the first time, those people will see it.

Create different albums for different family members

We all know that mom’s favorite picture may be different than dad’s favorite and the senior may not like any that his or her parents love.  By creating custom albums for different family members you can ensure that your work gets maximum exposure because when everyone has an album with just their favorites, there’s nothing holding them back from sharing.

Using StickyAlbums for sports photography

Sports photographers are using StickyAlbums to make their businesses boom!  One of our favorite strategies is to create an app for each sports team that you photograph.  The opening image should be the schedule for the season.  Each week, you can update the album with new images and add coupons and promotions from you and from partner vendors.  By creating something of value and something that is constantly changing, the app will get viewed over and over. You will be the first person people think of when they need to hire a photographer.

Running Promotions

We talk about the importance of email marketing a lot.  The reason, is that it works.  StickyAlbums makes it easy for people to opt in to your email list.  By adding a targeted message to your album that offers potential clients something that they value and care about, you can grow your list and  build a loyal customer and referral base.

Listen to the podcast HERE.


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