Featured Album | Lydia Krumpholz

We love hearing about the creative ways that photographers are using StickyAlbums! Recently, German wedding photographer and StickyAlbums user Lydia Krumpholz created this informational/what to wear guide for her engagement sessions. She shared the album with the StickyAlbums Facebook user group and when we saw it, we knew we had to learn more about it and share it with you.

What is the story of this album?

I do my best to help my wedding clients plan their engagement session and get excited about it. The most common questions before my sessions are “where will it take place” and “what should we wear?”. Before joining StickyAlbums I created a Pinterest Board with clothing ideas to send to my brides but I really wanted something more special and more polished. The app includes information about the experience, where the shooting could take place, how long it will take, ideas about how couples can use their images (guestbooks, save the dates, wall collections) and there is a what to wear guide to give them inspiration.

How did you promote it?

I posted the link on my Facebook Page and on my blog and got nearly 150 unique views in the first twenty-four hours. I also sent it to my email-list and to my engaged couples.

Do you have any advice for photographers who are trying to get their album shared?

I think the key to getting a lot of unique views and shares is to have content that is share-worthy. My engagement app addresses a common problem (what to wear) and provides a simple solution (nearly 20 inspirations for matching clothes).

What feedback have you gotten from your client about how they feel about their album?

They are totally in love with the app and have told me how much they appreciate it.

What is your overall strategy for using StickyAlbums?

When I signed up for StickyAlbums this app was the first thing that popped into my mind and I created it on a Sunday afternoon. For the inspiration boards I used Galleree’s Fashion Guides and for the layout I used parts of Galleree’s iPhone Studio Lookbook.

What results have you seen as a result of using StickyAlbums? (referrals, increased sales, etc..)

I’ve only been using Sticky Albums for a few weeks, but based on this album, I think it will be a great marketing tool and I have so many ideas how to use it!


Tell us how you’re using StickyAlbums!

If you’re using StickyAlbums in a unique way or have a StickyAlbums success story, we’d love to hear it and possibly share it on the blog. Contact Sarah (sarah@stickyalbums.com).



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