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La Ritchhart of La Marie Portraiture recently shared her gorgeous boudoir prep guide with us and we’re excited to share it with you!
What is the story of this album?
Preparation is key to having a successful photo shoot! This is why I do an in-person consultation with all my clients or a FaceTime consultation with my out of town clients before their shoots. I was finding that although we covered everything in the consultation, clients sometimes needed reminders leading up to their shoot. I was about to create a PDF document to send out when I had the idea of creating a Sticky Album Prep Guide instead! This was genius because clients can download it to their phone and easily access it while they are on the go. Plus, I had the idea of sharing it on Pinterest to create more brand awareness and drive traffic to my website.
How did you promote it?
I have a version of our Boudoir Prep Guide I send to my clients once they book a shoot that has discounts to local businesses and services that they may need while prepping for their shoot. Then, I also have a version I promote on Pinterest (without the added local discounts), which has been repined over 186 times and has created over 225 clicks to my website in less than one week! Obviously this was a much needed tool!
What is your overall strategy for using StickyAlbums?
Being in the boudoir industry, I probably have a little different strategy for using Sticky Albums than most. I offer a Sticky Album, or Private Mobile Gallery as I call it, in my All-Inclusive Packages as an extra perk or gift. This is the only way a client can get one. Although, sometimes I will give one to a client as a “Thank You” if they referred a new client, left me a review, or let me use their images in my marketing. While I know the power of Sticky Albums for most in the photography industry is the power of sharing and getting referrals, album sharing isn’t really strong for me. Some of our clients love showing off their images, but most of the time they want to keep them private or just show a few girlfriends from their phone, so they don’t actually share their albums. Husbands & Boyfriends LOVE the Private Mobile Galleries though, so Sticky Albums is a great way for me to up-sell our All-Inclusive Packages when women are doing their shoots as a gift for their significant other. The Private Galleries offer anytime access to their portraits, while still having the ability to be private with password protection. This is great for guys and especially ones that travel!
With our new Boudoir Prep Guide, I have found another way to use Sticky Albums to brand myself, drive traffic to my website, and also educate women who want to do a Boudoir Session.
What results have you seen as a result of using StickyAlbums? (referrals, increased sales, etc..)
I got an inquiry from Pinterest within the first week of our new Boudoir Prep Guide being pinned, plus a lot of brand awareness and web traffic, so I would call that a great success already. Clients are raving about how much they love the Boudoir Prep Guide and how it’s extremely helpful. As far as client albums, I have definitely had some referrals and it is a great tool for up-selling my packages which in turn means higher sales! Overall my clients are just so thrilled with their on-the-go private albums and to me, that’s a win!
Do you have any advice for photographers who are trying to get their album shared?
I think there are different strategies to using StickyAlbums to get you the same outcome. Which is usually to get new clients, brand awareness, increase web traffic, etc.
Here are a few ideas:
You could go the route of letting your customers know that you can track when they share their album and reward them based on how many times they share. You could even go as far as having a “Sharing” Contest with your clients. Whoever shares their album the most wins a Free Christmas Card Session the next year, or Portrait Session, depending on what genre you are in. Another avenue is you could create a “What To Wear For Your Photo Shoot” Guide and share it on social media and include samples of your work. This is a different approach than client sharing, but it gets your information out there which can lead to new paying clients. You can even add a promotion and capture leads for your list!
You could offer to send a “free” StickyAlbum to Grandma and Grandpa or Aunt Betty. Although your clients could share the albums themselves, this sounds like you are giving even more value and it makes sure that those extra people have copies of the albums so they can gush and share the pictures with everyone they know too! But mostly I think when your client is completely thrilled with their images and their shoot, they will naturally share their much loved images with all their friends and family and you will get referrals! I think giving them a sticky album just makes it so much easier for them to share their beautiful images!

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