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On this week’s show we have Shootzilla Founder, Esther de Boer.  If you’re not familiar with Shootzilla, it’s a studio management solution that was designed to remove the anxiety from your photography business and help you work less and play more.

When Esther launched her wedding photography business in 2009 she knew that in order to be successful, she needed to provide clients with an experience unlike anything that other photographers were offering. She decided to do more for her clients than anyone else.

However, “doing more” means, well, doing more … and that creates the potential to drop the ball.

You have to be organized and have a solid system to track all of the things that you want and need to do for each client.  Esther tried a lot of different programs and had piles of paper, spreadsheets and lists but was frustrated by the fact that none of the available options let her streamline her business practices and keep track of it all in one place.

The benefit of a studio management system

In the interview,  Nate asks Esther what the benefits of using a studio management system such as Shootzilla are and her response is, “They [photographers] don’t have to think anymore.”  At first that might seem like an odd answer but as she continues to talk, you realize that it would be really nice to have everything organized so you don’t have to think anymore. It is similar to our motto at StickyAlbums, where we are helping photographers do more of what they love.

Whether you have one hundred clients or only a handful, being able to streamline the details of your business and see it all in one place will give you peace of mind and make you a better photographer.  We’ve all experienced sleepless nights and the fear that we’ll forget to show up at a session, send a contract, edit someone’s images or place a print order.

Having a good system in place, whether it’s one of your own design or a service like Shootzilla or one of the other companies in this space, can save you those worries and help you fully be in the moment with your clients and with your family and friends.

Studio management systems are loaded with time saving features. Using Shootzilla as an example, the system shows you what you need to take care of and what you don’t need to worry about with just one glance.  You can set up unlimited workflows that can be customized to the different types of work that you do.  Standard emails that you send to clients can be added to a workflow and can be personalized with minimal effort.  Shootzilla stores your client data, contracts, emails, invoices, etc…all in one place. An intuitive calendar allows you to keep track of your schedule and block off time for yourself.

For tips on creating your own effective workflow system, watch or listen to the interview.

Audio only version here:

If you want to try Shootzilla they offer a free 15 day trial and their website has a great video tour.


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