How to eliminate the chaos from your photography business

Today we’re excited to have Nadia, an international wedding photographer from the Netherlands and the owner of By Nadia on the show to talk about the importance of developing a good workflow.  Nadia’s story is a little bit unusual.  She graduated from medical school a few years ago and is a licensed doctor.  She plans to begin practicing medicine at the end of this year AND keep her thriving wedding photography business going.  We have no doubt that she’ll be able to pull it off!

Since starting her photography business in 2009, Nadia has increased her prices and mastered booking the clients that she wants most.  She currently shoots about 25 weddings a year.  She never anticipated how quickly her business would grow and at the beginning, she didn’t have a good plan in place to help her manage all of the work that needed to be done.  She quickly became overwhelmed.

“It made me grateful and SO stressed!”

When she started waking up in the middle of the night with her to-do list going through her head she realized that she was more worried about work than she should be. This problem was only going to get worse as her business grew.

“You can do a lot but only if you
know what your next step is going to be.”

So what did Nadia do?

She Started Actively Managing her Workflow

Nadia knew that she needed more structure, and turned to Shootzilla for help managing her workflow. We’ve talked about Shootzilla before, in this blog post with founder, Esther de Boer. For Nadia, using a tool to organize everything helped her eliminate the chaos. She no longer has names tumbling around in her head and 20 different to-do lists going at one time.  Instead, everything is in one place and she knows exactly what she needs to accomplish every day.

“With Shootzilla you need a little time to set it
up and then you can work like crazy with it!”

The best part of her new approach?

“It frees up some space in my mind to be more creative, to think better about what I want for my business, what I want for my future and how I’m going to accomplish that.”

Also, she Hired an Assistant

It wasn’t easy for Nadia to give up the bulk of her culling and editing but she knew that it was necessary.  Nadia found someone who was a great fit for her business and by taking the time to thoroughly train her, the transition has been seamless and has allowed Nadia to do more of what she loves.

Check out the full video interview and podcast.

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