Designing your StickyAlbum

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Designing your StickyAlbum



Download the new templates as of 6/20/2013.
Click Here to Download

Step 1: Customize your branding files

  • Unzip the files, then using an image editing software of your choice, open each file, and simply add your images/logo/brand over the top.
  • You do not need to round the corners of your home-screen icon.
  • Fill the full square template.
  • The header logo only displays on the thumbnail gallery view.
  • If you want your logo on your images, you need to do that before uploading them.
  • After making your changes, save them as .jpeg again.
  • Do not submit .PSD files

Check out these example branding files for inspiration:

Header Logo
Vertical Slide 1

Vertical Slide 2

Vertical Slide 3

Homescreen Icon
Vertical Slide 1

Vertical Slide 2

Loading Screens
Vertical Slide 1

Vertical Slide 2

Vertical Slide 3

Step 2: Choose your images

Currently there is a 50MB limit to mobile safari’s offline storage. Therefore, we recommend using 20-40 of your best images in each album.

Keep in mind you are designing for mobile:

  • Faster downloads matter.
  • Smaller albums are easier for your clients to browse (scrolling through a 100 images to find one can be annoying)
  • This helps to highlight your best work – motivating your clients to share more.
  • Proof in the data. Albums with less than 20 images get SHARED significantly more often than albums with more than 20 images.

Step 3: Re-size Images

Size the longest edge of all your images to:

  • Min:1600px
  • Max:2048px
  • 72dpi
  • We recommend using Photoshop. Download this tutorial on How to Batch Re-size
  • Or you can always get Picasa for free, it’s export feature makes batch resizing is very simple.

Step 4: Launch The Stickybuilder

Important Tip

We are working hard to improve performance on all browsers – If you are having any trouble uploading images – please use Chrome or Firefox.

Now you are ready to start Building, click here to go back and launch the Builder