Cherie Phelps | You’re Worth It!

Cherie Phelps has been photographing seniors for over fifteen years in Gretna, Nebraska.  When I heard her speak at Seniors Ignite this year I was so impressed by her directness, honesty and love of the business and knew that I had to have her on the show.

When asked if there was a moment in her business that stands out Cheryl opens up about her personal life and shares how learning to believe that she was worth more than what she was charging gave her the confidence to increase her prices and never look back. We also talk about the importance of in-person and I have to tell you, it’s one of the most compelling conversations that I think you’ll hear.  We say it all of the time, but the key to being successful in this business is by building relationships.

“I learned to market myself as a senior photographer who could provide them with an experience.”

It’s the personal touches that make a difference and by putting a gallery on line and hoping for the best, we make it very impersonal and leave money on the table.

Watch or listed to the show to hear about Cheryl’s  biggest marketing failure, a direct mail campaign and shares how she makes the most of word of mouth marketing with an in person, high touch marketing strategy.  You’ll also hear about how she customizes multiple StickyAlbums for her clients to encourage sharing.

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