Bryan Caporicci | Doing What You Love & Why Facebook’s Not Dead

This week we’re excited to bring you Bryan Caporicci, a wedding and portrait photographer from Ontario Canada. Bryan’s been in business for ten years and has is the CEO of Sprout, an educational resource for photographers all about business.

In this week’s show, Nate and Bryan dig deep into some common mistakes that photographers make about pricing and time management and offer simple solutions.

“Why shouldn’t we be doing what we love?”

Whether it’s because of the perceived expense or the fear of giving up control, many photographers find it difficult to let some of the tasks involved in running a business go.  However, by focusing on your strengths and spending your time doing the things that you love, you will not only be happier, you will also be more successful.

Nate and Bryan also discuss Facebook and the changes that have so many photographers on the verge of calling it quits there.  You don’t want want to miss Bryan’s thoughts on this!  While there’s no denying that it’s not as easy to use Facebook as it once was, Facebook isn’t dead and you may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to see results.
Listen to the interview here:


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