5 Photography Marketing Trends You Should Know About in 2016

5 Photography Marketing Trends You Should Know About in 2016 | StickyAlbums

With the new year just around the corner, now is the time to think about the photography marketing trends shaping 2016 … and what you can do to grow your business in the coming year. Here are 5 trends that you will want to think about, as well as implications for you.

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1. The Continued Rise of Mobile

This past year, Google announced that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries (including the US). Additionally, in April Google announced they would be penalizing sites that are not “mobile friendly” in search results, prompting some to cry Mobilegeddon.

Implications for you

Your clients are on mobile, so there is a big opportunity to get your marketing on their mobile devices too. Take the time to identify and learn about mobile tools that can help you tap into this huge trend.

StickyAlbums, a platform that helps photographers create custom mobile apps, is one such tool that can help you tap into this trend. Ensure that any tool you use will let you customize the branding so that your brand is always linked with your photography.

2. Mobile Apps Dominate vs Traditional Websites

Tied into the general trend towards mobile is the increasing growth in the number of mobile apps. Both native apps (that you find in the app store) as well as web apps (which can be shared via a link, like a regular website), are easier to use on a phone since the fonts, buttons, and other content is optimized for mobile.

Implications for you

Identify a tool that will let you create a mobile app for your photography studio and use it as a virtual business card to share your portfolio. Once you do that, use your skills to partner with small businesses and create apps to help them market their businesses. Include your logo and a link back to your website in the mobile app so you can get leads as well.

3. Social Media is Becoming a Search Engine

Social networks are becoming search engines as traffic to social media sites skyrockets and consumers spend more and more time on social networks. Similar to word-of-mouth marketing offline, 88% of purchasers online are influenced by online comments by other consumers and reviews. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are all important social networks in this trend, as well as growing platforms such as SnapChat and Periscope.

Implications for you

Figure out ways to get your work on social media. The easiest approach is to post your photography on social media yourself, but an even more powerful approach is to empower your clients to share your work on social media, as their comments are more likely to influence their family and friends.

As you think through how to help your clients promote for you, try to identify tools like StickyAlbums that let your clients post to multiple social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

4. Great Content Marketing will Become a Game-Changer

As consumers are bombarded by all sorts of information online, they need more information before they are willing to make a purchase. Sometimes they will need to interact with your brand several times before they are ready to make a decision. Those who figure out how to do content marketing right will reap the rewards in winning customers.

Implications for you

Publishing blog content is a start to establishing a continued dialogue with prospects. Even better is collecting email addresses and starting a newsletter. Identifying tools to help you capture new email leads who you can send your newsletter to is of course critical to this approach.

5. Don’t Just Think, Make Stuff Happen!

Ok, this advice isn’t specific to 2016, but we wanted to put it out there anyway. It is an exciting time as new tools are being developed everyday to help photographers take advantage of these trends shaping our industry.

At our company, StickyAlbums, we have always focused on innovation. As we see these new trends and changes, we think to ourselves, what can we build that will empower photographers to come out on top? And then we create features that turn our ideas into reality.

Implications for you

The best thing you can do is to take the time to identify ways that your photography business can capitalize on all of the changes in the industry, so that you can take advantage of this time to make your photography business stronger.

And then once you figure out those opportunities, implement!

We’d love to share more with you about how to tap into mobile marketing, social media, and other online trends to grow your business.

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